Flip Diving

About Flip Diving

Here comes another 3D diving game called Flip Diving! You can play it online for free to sharpen your diving skills and see how far distance you can reach. For those who are looking for a diving game to master, then Flip Diving unblocked will be a good choice for them. The game is made by MotionVolt and it is kind of the same as Flip Master game in terms of gameplay. Flip Fiving is now playable in browsers or on mobile devices powered by Android and iOS. Check it out!

Feel free to perform different tricks, like front flips, backflips, gainers and more in this awesome title with 3D graphics. You have become familiar with the gameplay of diving games. You will see that your character stands on a cliff and you have to control him skillfully, adjust the angle carefully then let him jump into the water. On the way of falling into the water, you must perform awesome flips to achieve the given goal. There will be some gold coins you need to collect too. If you perform good flips, you will earn extra coins. Then, these coins can be spent later on new characters, and other interesting things in the store. Besides high cliffs, you can even jump off of trees, castles, trampolines as well as rickety platforms in Flip Diving game. Play it now and try your best to become a true diving champion!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to adjust the angle then release it to jump into the water.

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