Flip Master

About Flip Master

Flip Master unblocked is a cool 3D game that is similar to a famous game called Flip Diving. It’s always fun to play 3D games online to hone and test your skills, right? In this title, you will experience new challenges. So, get your skills ready for it then see if you can conquer all! Rather than diving from cliffs to get into the water, now, you will dive on a trampoline in Flip Master game online and attempt to become proficient in various flips with tricks.

Feel free to perform awesome stunts in Flip Master game! When you take control of your character, you should do the flips and keep them longer on your way. When you move while flipping, your character will hop in that direction easily. For the points, you will gain some for every effective jump you perform and every flip you finish. This means you must land carefully, if not, your turn will be over. You are free to do the flips and jumps following your own way. Just make sure you have great lands to protect your turn and continue the game. Keep increasing your points as you play then you can use them to buy new characters or also spins on the wheel of fortune to get access to new areas, namely gym, and circus. Are you ready to conquer Flip Master? Play it now! Have fun with it!

How to play

Press and hold the left mouse button to accelerate rotation while you are in the air.

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