Tap-Tap Shots

About Tap-Tap Shots

Tap-Tap Shots unblocked is a physics basketball tapping game played with one button. This is a chance for you to show off your tapping skills. Come play Tap-Tap Shots for free to express your style then see how many scores you can earn.

In Tap-Tap Shots game, the mission for you is to score consecutive baskets as much as you can to increase your points. You are provided with a basketball with various height nets to throw the ball into. Before throwing the ball, an important thing you must do is to aim and adjust the angle. This will help you have accurate shots. You need to make the basketball move carefully, aim then throw it into the net. You have to time your clicks perfectly so the ball can fall into the net accurately. For every consecutive basket you score, a higher number of points will be given to you. You have a set time limit for every shot so try to finish your clicks fast enough before time runs out. You will be required to meet the movement of the ball as well as the angle of the shot. Try your best to achieve it and you will get closer to the championship. Do you think you can earn a high score in Tap-Tap Shots free game? Play it now! Much fun with it!

How to play

Use the left mouse to button to adjust the angle and throw the ball into the nets to earn high scores.

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